“**** Ashton messed up the web domain.” – Diana Skye

DJ Loo Services.png
Posting from North York Ontario, What do you get when you’ve got an employer who controls too much, a Crazy Private investigator and Ashton’s rampage of non-sense. You’ve got the Shitty jobs comedy Podcast:

We are creative in big part to Alana & Ashton attending Loyalist College in 2012-2014. The Shitty Podcast idea came from talking about prior jobs we had that we just didn’t like before focussing our majors. Diana Skye runs Swan Whispers ASMR and has always been a creative content creator and in May 2018 we saw the chance to bring her in to the project. Diana works so well in her character because of her sophisticated nature, her creativity and sense of humor about being the responsible one out of the crazy characters.
In this podcast, we play conversations around characters in and around DJ Loo services. The calls are recorded in and around Toronto. Sometimes at Public locations, where we method play our character. Sometimes over phone calls.

The audio is stupid, ridiculous and non-sensical.

I love 420

However So are you if you are stoned…


2 thoughts on ““**** Ashton messed up the web domain.” – Diana Skye

  1. Tracy

    Layered in comedy. The website is made badly, the characters have messed up relationships & Ashton is utterly impulsive.



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