Pot Journal introduction, How I got PTSD?

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Written by Ashton Deroy

There are two journeys to me becoming a medical marijuana user. One is a story on the usefulness of transit advertising. The other is a story of a traumatic past. I am going to start with the fluff piece. I have broken down again in April 2018 & I needed something to prove life was worth living. I am not kidding, I have the scars to prove it. 

The fluff piece is this, I saw an ad on TTC transit. The ad was for Medical cannabis. So I did a Google search in Scarborough Ontario & came across this medical service.

Spark Cannabis.png 

“Listen,” I said to myself in an internal conversation. “You have been flipping out long enough with no control and isolated beyond what is acceptable. You need to make a change.” This was the first time I had talked myself in to actually inquiring about the possibility for legal cannabis use. 

24-year-olds are not usually prescribed cannabis 

This is not meant to discourage anyone one their healing journey. It is just true. However, my case which I will cover below require exceptional consideration. Maybe your case does too? The happy ending here that I got my prescription and I am on my way to safe use. Here is the unfortunate prequel. 

Three unfortunate terrible traumas that got me to this point. 

  1. Sexually assaulted as a 17-year-old & 13 years old – Yep this was a really screwed up incident with a second cousin. We called the police to keep him away before I went to college for creative advertising. That was almost it. Except we did train Alana Skye in 2014 on an emergency procedure if this cousin ever showed up to our college dwelling in Belleville Ontario. 
  2. Closed in a dumpster on my nineteenth birthday – I actually don’t remember most of this because the night started as a celebration. I mean that is the tradition for Canada. So there was drinking and cannabis smoking. Then somehow the people we were partying with got ugly. I ended up in a dumpster as a result of a homophobic assault. This probably is what made me interested in Kickboxing in to begin with. 
  3. abusive ex-relationship – There was physical assault, mutual drug abuse & a lack of control. This ex-had no boundaries and pushed me to the point of breaking me almost entirely. Actually this ex as I share often is now married and honestly, I am glad. No one should be as miserable as we made each other feel. 

Listen with the mix of all this, I believe this caused. Drug abuse, over exercise and random flip outs with people. I don’t belong in A.A. though. I do belong in counseling, but I am not going to get there without a little help. Since taking high energy sativas I am now enjoying books regularly, I love my art and I can’t wait for work. Best of all I have experts who can help me with my goals and be matching strains to what I am trying to combat. Before experts, all I did was consider using Indica… Well, all that does is make you sleep thus the isolation continues. Sativa makes me want to be vibrant. 

I want to conclude saying marijuana is a mind altering substance and there are dangers associated with use. Please consult a physician before use! 

PTSD Aphria.png


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