Ashton Deroy writes: Okay so earlier this year I read a book called Crazy is my Super power by AJ Mendez. This book has kind of made me contemplate my situation since integrating with mainstream society in 2012. For those who don’t know before 2012 I took the short bus to school. What the book has me thinking? Did I try to give up my super power? When I tried to live on the straight and narrow, did I try to relinquish my gifts in exchange for invisibility?

Imagine all the crazy shit you’d do if you began suspect you were invisible. Make radical changes to yourself, your appearance, mannerisms & your diet. I am not saying all of this was done to get noticed. I am just saying this is what my mind thinks about sometimes.

To Cannabis users with ADHD. “Moderate use of Sativa is key!” Last night I danced until I collapsed then planked. My body is in tremendous pain because I have been over doing the exercise again. This is why my nurse actually recommended CBD heavy cannabis during work weeks. Did I listen though? No and now my foot throbs. 

Since diving back into the counter-culture scene I love. I have began reading books by the social Liberals who intrigue & inspire me. I am now more excitable about my work. Also I started socializing somewhat normally again. I did give a friend an earful of self-sabotage psychology examples oddly relevant to one of her Seneca College classes in the Seneca Newnham computing commons Jun, 18 approx 1700.

So maybe I am on the right track back to health & wellness?


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