What we sacrifice for cannabis?

Written by Ashton Deroy:

Some people are going to think I come down hard on cannabis for what it is. It is a drug! One safer than my other options but nevertheless it is a drug. Before you try a cartoon claim of “no one’s life is ruined by cannabis.” Think again my friend.

These shitty things still happen on cannabis:

  1. Intoxicated driving – Happens at the same rate as alcohol. Hence Ontario’s new driving regulations.
  2. Drug dependance– A guy in college stole his girlfriend’s family airlooms to buy marijuana. I have also seen & heard about it obliterating marriages. In instances where spouses lied about use or spent the mortgage funds on pot. A lot of the issues arrise in low income homes eg college housing & welfare housing.
  3. Self-harm– In instances where people medicate without aided cognitive rehabilitation.
  4. Sexual exploitation – There are pot dealers that exploit drug dependant women in Quinte West trading the drug for sex.

How to manage the sacrifice? As my step mom says,”Everything in moderation.”

  • Change your method of delivery – Bongs get you high, tea medicates you.
  • Take time to think about what you want from your use- Adventure, creativity & relief of an ailment are all good choices. To be high for the sake of it is an abuse.
  • Seek open minded medical feedback- It took me 4 years of unaided use & drug detox clinic to find a treatment method suitable for me.
  • Check in with your family – Don’t choose pot over them. I frequently tell relatives I love them more than pot & my dad is somewhat right. If I am not having an traumatic episode, I do not need pot when I travel.

There are amazing quotes about proper use and cannabis is a medicine. Just like any medicine with brain altering chemicals it can be abused. It is important to think critically about use, get feedback from professionals & check in with your family/spiritual community. This will make you in control of the medicine & not the other way around.

Call to action: Next time you reach for your medicine. Weigh your losses and gains for being high in that moment. A night of being alone watching cartoons might be a gain for example. Helping your family may require your wits about you. Write it down!


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