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Family Brownies

Bongs-R-Us Brownies

Important message Cannabis is not legally distributed or consumed  by anyone under the age of 19 in Ontario, Canada. Under the changing regulations that govern Alcohol & tobacco. 

Ashton Deroy Writes: We made brownies with our special family recipe. Which includes a store brand brownie mix with the vegetable oil quantities replaced with THC oil. This recipe is delicious to consume with THC oil. You should be prepared to lay down when you consume these.

Something else funny that happened to me. I was surfing around YouTube, this is after I decided to make it public in my online profile that I am a medical marijuana user. That was when I was targeted by this target market advertising. Check out this Oh Henry Ad. 

Why I am okay with publicly writing about being a medical marijuana user? This is what my readers want to know about. How does medical marijuana help the challenges of PTSD & Autism? This is where my stories usually begin on this blog. 

My rules for medical cannabis use: 

  1. You do not smoke & go to work
  2. You do not smoke & drive
  3. You should not smoke every-time you feel stomach sick. It creates a use dependence.
  4. Reaching for medical marijuana is safer than reaching for Advil. Autism headaches are constant and triggered by everyday loud noises like a Subway going by.  

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Commentary on LoveWinx Products: These hemp products are amazing for pain relief & your skincare. They are sold by a close professional mentor to me. I wish she had a blog where she could share more on these products because I really can not say enough good things about pain reduction & younger looking skin. Please check out these natural cosmetic products by clicking the advertised image.


Family Member shop & partner in Wellness

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Tracy’s Shop

Contact: tracygerhardt@hotmail.com 

Description: Tracy sells Romantic Health & Wellness products through Love Winx. They handle her distribution and E-Commerce so you can click or message to her. This was done in Partnership with Tracy Gerdhardt. 

Liberal or Libertarian Ontario Marijuana Market?

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I refers to Ashton Deroy.

I compare the Libertarian ideology versus the Liberal ideology for the legalization of Marijuana in Canada. I refer to issues in regulating the vitamin industry, issues with the black market & my healers, not dealers slogan.

Overall I conclude the proposed Doug Ford solutions are a bit short sited.

Bongs R Us catalog

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I am like really excited about these gender neutral designs & patterns being sold in the family shop. We still have to brand the commerce plugin with #Shopify. Click the picture to check out the new line. The first item we sold was item # 2 to a brilliant healthcare professional! 🙂 

Blog at: www.Bongs-R-Us.ca

Taste of Italy Medical marijuana vlog

Taste of Italy

Written by Ashton Deroy: In coherence with the law no non-medical users or underaged person were given access to personal medication supply. We also harmed 0 animals in the making of this video. As the vlogger is a vegetarian. Ashley helped with the filming & cooking while I was medicating, because sometimes intoxicated cooking causes fires.

Marijuana time.png



Toronto pride 2018 is lit

Safe cannabis consumption

Safe cannabis consumption.png
Hey friends, Family & readers. I wish you all health, wellness & fulfillment. My name is Ashton Deroy and I struggle with PTSD. I have been gay bashed, assaulted & I survived an abusive relationship. It has been a rough road but in 2018 I got a medical cannabis prescription & I was blessed. This blog follows my journey to spiritual fulfillment and community.
This post is to promote safe consumption so you don’t have to be offside & wrongly chastised as a “smoker”. This oil blend helps me sleep, rest my brain issues & tap into my creativity.
Step 1
Grind 1/2 gram of dry cannabis as dryly as possible.
Step 2
Por 3 cups of water into a small pot and bring it to a low rolling boil
Step 3
Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil into the boiling water. THC is not water soluble alone and requires a fatty substance to bind to under heat.
Step 4
Add finely group cannabis to the boiling water.
Step 5
Boil the water and oil mixture on medium-high heat for at least 30 minutes, stirring every few minutes.
After 30-40 minutes, strain the mixture into a cup and discard cannabis residue.
Step 6
Marijuana tea.png
The cannabis tea is now ready to consume For extra flavor add a decaffeinated herbal flavored tea bag.
Note: It may take up to 1 hour for cannabis tea to reach its full effects. Some people report the effects lasting up to 12 hours.
Feedback on my use, I used a high THC strain rather than the recommended CBD strain. The result was an intensified head high. This worked out to a head high, an increased sex drive (for the coffee cannabis fusion) & increased appetite. When I was stoned I decided to redo the environment of my Spotify playlist. I downloaded other cultural music, some rich beautiful saxophone instrumentals & I watched the Maleficent movie on Netflix.

Aphria. Your Guide to Medical Cannabis. This book is the reference for the tea recipe. This book arrived at Ashton Deroy’s closest post office on June13/18 in North York Ontario. Click this citation to check out my story on connecting with Aphria.

Getting better & what medicine can’t do.

Cannabis medicine

Ashton Deroy writes: 

Hey WordPress readers, Twitter Followers & close Facebook friends. 

If this is your first time on this blog. This is a space where we tell marijuana jokes & explore how marijuana treats PTSD. I like to say I am a centrist when it comes to marijuana as medicine. Thank Diana Skye in large part. I always have her to remind me it is not a miracle drug. In fact without cognitive rehabilitation studies are showing that it does nothing for PTSD. Marijuana is still a medicine that aids with my mental issue while making me open to conversations I need to be having with physicians, counselors & an awaiting psyche referral. I just got my medication from Canada Post, sold to me by Aphria for my PTSD. 

What triggered my PTSD? , I am a victim of multiple trauma. In fact 3 key traumas I think play a role. 1. I was sexually assaulted at 17 & 14 by a relative. 2. When I was 19 I nearly got trapped in a dumpster before being saved by a very close friend & my brother. 3. I was abused by my ex-boyfriend. The third one was the worst one because it was constant and I couldn’t will my way out of the relationship until 2015 and we were unhealthy from the beginning in 2013. 

This is an entry in my pot journal. Before I begin I want to say I am safe, in recovery & functioning. While some of it goes to the medicine, for example being able to do something other than ball my eyes out after work. I realize there is a lot my medicine cannot do for me. The following things are stuff I know the medicine cannot do for me: 

  1. The medicine cannot go to work for me. I need to wake up be sober & maybe have a cup of coffee in the morning in order to do that. 
  2. The medicine can not face loved ones & friends I’ve turned against in stages of high paranoia. I need to make my own amends in my own time in order to fix this problem.
  3. The medicine cannot tell a story through image & text. That is still me, my brain, my dreams & my executed vision.  
  4. The medicine isn’t the one surviving my condition. I am the one who turned to help for my PTSD around a time it could have killed me. 

I worry sometimes because I have momentary space-outs at work, I might overshare & I have alienated myself from prior social groups. However, recovery is a process and not one I have stuck to much until now. I want to talk about a study I am looking at. 

Is Psychological condition a victim of one’s nature or is it nurture? This is often a debate I have with my brother actually. In a lot of ways, I am very similar to our mom. Also, who has PTSD? While both of our’s are triggered by instances of trauma. Still, there are people traumatized who do not experience this disorder. So why us? Her’s was triggered by a car accident mine was triggered by bashing and an abusive ex. 

Speaking of medicine use. I need to follow physician orders & look into vaporizers or edibles. It goes without saying picking up a cheap bong or pipe is an easy option. Maybe not the smartest. If you have a recommendation please email me at Ashtonderoy@gmail.com 


Tracy G. Romantic health & wellness services.

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Shitty Jobs podcast is proud to partner with Tracy.G. Romantic Health & Wellness products. As we continue to create content you will see more & more of their content on our page. They have a beautiful line of hemp products for bath, body & massage. So for stoners who do more than smoke this miracle plant. Be sure to grab some of these alternative products up as soon as possible. 

La Bong

Right now we have a lot of projects on the go but be sure to keep in touch with this project throughout the summer. We will try to get some more content going soon.